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Central Time Zone

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6:00 PM CST (L1.5)

7:00 PM CST (Mixed Levels)


9:00 AM CST (Mixed Levels)

11:00 PM CST (L2)

1:00 PM CST (L3)

6:00 PM CST (L3)



2:00 PM CST (L3)

3:15 PM CST (L2)

6:15 PM CST (L3)

 7:30 PM CST (L2)


9:00 AM CST (L3)

2:00 PM CST (L2)

6:45 PM CST (L3)


11:00 AM CST (L3)

4:45 PM CST (L1.5)

6:00 PM CST (L2)

7:15 PM CST (L2)


9:00 AM CST (L3)

12:00 PM CST (Mixed Levels)

1:00 PM CST (L2)

What's your level?


Level 1.5 (L1.5)

You have some of the vocabulary to have a conversation but would like extra practice and help learning new words. This level is led by a hearing teacher who is fluent in ASL and uses voice and sign to teach.

Level 2 (L2)

You have the vocabulary to have a conversation but you feel that you need a slower speed to support your expressive and receptive skills. This level includes some voice support when in the large group setting, however is "voice-off" during 1:1 conversations.

Level 3 (L3)

You feel that your conversation flows pretty smoothly but you would like to enhance your ASL grammar and syntax and converse at a natural conversational pace. This level is "voice-off" for the full session.

Mixed Levels (Level 2 and Level 3)

This level will provide some voice support when in the large group. Often level 2 will challenge themselves to mute the sound to build up the confidence to do level 3. Level 2 and Level 3 can participate in this level.